Barron Cairns Water Restoration Service

Barron Cairns Water Restoration Service

Barron Cairns Water Restoration Service 24/7 Cairns Carpet Drying Service (from $395.00) 

Local-Owner-Operator serving Barron Cairns Water Restoration Service 24/7 Cairns Carpet Drying Service (from $395.00) Cairns Water Damage, Cairns Carpet Drying, Cairns Floor Drying & Cairns Water Extraction Service from $395.00 – 24 HOUR SERVICES – Includes Moisture Testing, Thermal Image Mapping and Fast Cairns Water Extraction Service – 60 Minutes Response Times for all Cairns suburbs – Choose from Direct Insurance Billing or Best Insurance Pay-out Guarantee. 

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A Home or Business Barron Cairns Water Damage Emergency can occur at any-time, day or night. But when a Barron Cairns water flood damage emergency occurs it’s TIME that becomes the most important factor. The more TIME that passes, the more damage, the more expense and the more TIME will be needed to restore your home or business infrastructure and contents. 
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Living in tropical Barron Cairns, puts us all at higher risk of suffering some kind of loss due to water damage or the high humidity (if uncontrolled), that normally follows a flood or water emergency. Barron Cairns is subject to high annual rainfalls and flash flooding is common in the Cairns region. However, natural weather events are not our only risk, In-fact in Australia as a whole, you are fair more likely to suffer water damage due to malfunctioning property infrastructure, like roofs, water pipes, sewage-systems, water tanks, washing machines or fish tanks and bathtub overflows. It’s infrastructure and common household items that often cause water damage in Australian homes. In Australia water damage is one of the most common reasons for home insurance policy claims.  

Whatever the cause of Barron Cairns water damage, if you suffer a household water emergency it is vital that you act immediately, to ensure the safety of your family, to minimise financial loss, sentimental loss and to prevent the risk of serious secondary damage to your home. Even seemingly small water floods can escalate quickly into a serious health-hazard, serious financial loss and major inconvenience. 

In the emergency water damage restoration industry, there are three categories or types of flood water damage: 

  • Category ONE; If you are going to suffer emergency water damage, this is the best kind of water damage source (if there is such a thing). Category ONE water damage is from a CLEAN water source, normally unused water from a burst or leaking household water tank or pipe.  
  • Category TWO; Water damage, known as GREY water damage, is from a water source outside the home (commonly from rainwater or flash flooding). This category of water damage also covers used water coming from home appliances and all domestic wastewater; not having any contact with toilet sewer-systems. Wastewater from washing machines, dishwashers, bathtubs and sinks, is all classed as GREY water. 
  • Category THREE; This classification of water emergency is known as BLACK water damage. It has the most potential to create a health-hazard and often the costliest to restore and clean-up. Category THREE water damage is caused by unsanitary water sources. This technically includes flood waters from rivers and lakes, that may contain human and animal waste. However, in terms of household emergency BLACK water damage, we are normally dealing with water from sewage-systems (toilets). 

RISKS of Barron Cairns Emergency Water Damage to property and occupants; 

It’s important to understand that ALL types of emergency water damage or property flooding has the potential to become dangerous to human health, and produce a serious financial loss to property owners and residents. 

All water damage requires immediate attention to limit the health and financial risks. The source of the water damage, or to be more precise, the CATEGORY TYPE of water damage dictates the best restoration methods to restore. 

BLACK WATER; This type of water damage represents the highest risk level to human health and financial loss. BLACK WATER floods are potentially dangerous to human health from the onset; they often to not need time to become dangerous, they are dangerous from the very moment that they occurred. 

BLACK WATER property floods are considered highly toxic and the most detrimental type of water floods. This category type of water damage can be dangerous on contact and to breathe around. Professional water damage restoration companies will use PPE (personal protective equipment), and air-purifying respirators (respiratory protection), to limit the risk of contact and breathing-in harmful fumes and toxic pathogens. 

GREY WATER property floods are far more forgiving, if they receive immediate attention. While GREY WATER is still considered contaminated water and can still pose health risks, due to pathogens being present. This category of emergency water damage is easier and safer to work with and faster to restore. However, it must be noted that GREY WATER property floods are extremely time-sensitive, as water quality can deteriorate rapidly due to the amount of organic matter and bacteria normally present. GREY WATER typically starts to produce a foul-smelling odour after only a short amount of time. Fast water extraction, sanitisation and drying will ensure the best possible chance of limiting financial loss and health risks. 

CLEAN WATER floods are thankfully the most common type of property floods. However, even CLEAN WATER household floods will lead to increasingly expensive financial losses; and serious risks of negative health consequences, the longer it takes the water to be removed and thoroughly dried out. CLEAN WATER property floods are certainly less harmful than other types of water damage, but they are far from harmless and still very time-sensitive. 

If CLEAN WATER property floods receive immediate attention, in most cases the risk for expensive secondary damage is entirely avoided. The risk of harmful health consequences is almost always entirely avoided. 

Even CLEAN WATER property flooding has a great potential for FINANCIAL LOSS AND HEALTH EMERGENCY. Property water damage MUST be attended to without delay or you risk; 

HEALTH EMERGENCY; The most recognised and understood danger of property floods and water damage is MOULD GROWTH. Mould spores will develop rapidly at the original flood site and spread to secondary locations due to water migration and high humidity. 

Mould and mould spores are a known biohazard (black-mould or stachybotrys chartarum, is infamous, also known as toxic-mould in Australia), having the potential to cause severe human health complications. When mould-spores are inhaled they can be responsible for unpleasant allergy-type symptoms in many individuals, but can also lead to potentially very serious respiratory conditions in some immune suppressed individuals; or those suffering from existing respiratory illness, like chronic lung disease or asthma. 

FINANCIAL LOSS; Delay in dealing with a property flood or water damage will almost always result in increased financial losses and inconvenience. Floods and water damage typically migrates to secondary sites increasing the risk of structural damage. Water on floors can migrate to skirting-boards, walls and cause significant damage to subflooring materials. 

“BE LIKE WATER”, said the Martial Arts Legend – BRUCE LEE; “Be like water, formless, water has no shape and becomes whatever it is poured into”. Bruce Lee, went on to say, “Water can FLOW or it can CRASH, be water, my friend”. 

Wise words indeed! Water does indeed FLOW! and if it flows into your CEILING, it becomes your ceiling (right before is CRASHES to the ground). The same can be said for your DRYWALL, your WOODED-FLOORS, CARPETS. The water (if you have a flood), can and often does FLOW very affectively into building infrastructures and contents, only limited by the amount of water (more water, more damage). 

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