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Why We Should Like Carpets in Cairns Homes

There are many very good reasons to have carpets in Cairns homes, both aesthetic and practical. Carpets have far more benefits than beautifying our homes, be soft, comfortable and luxurious under foot, there are real health benefits too.

Even in cairns Cold hard flooring during the winter months can be unhealthy, especially for the young, old and immune compromised. For children, the elderly and those suffering from mobility issues, hard floors can be slippery and dangerous, increasing the risk of serious injury from falls. Risks can be higher if stairs are uncarpeted. Carpeted floors can dramatically improve home safety in this respect

Carpet can improve indoor air quality by helping to control airborne dust particles, keeping the air that you breathe healthier and decrease the risk of dust related allergies like asthma and allergies. Recent studies have shown that carpet can be more beneficial than hard floors for those with respiratory issues relating to airborne pollutants. Carpet fibres can effectively trap particles and allergens that could otherwise have negative health impacts. These unhealthy particles and allergens are removed during vacuuming and cleaning. Simply put, the air quality in homes may be cleaner and healthier than homes with hard floors (ONLY WITH REGULAR CLEANING).

Carpets have great sound insulation properties, this is particularly important for multi-level Cairns Queenslander homes, high rise and Cairns apartment living. The upstairs neighbours with hard floors could improve their lives and others (those below), with carpeted floors. Carpeted floors will not only help absorb any noise transfer to the long-suffering neighbours below, soft surfaces like carpet limit sound waves bouncing off walls. Bare rooms or rooms with hard floors often suffer from poor acoustics and the flutter-echo effect. Carpeted rooms can greatly reduce unwanted noise; improve entertainment and audio experience, not to mention making communication easier.

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