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EcoPro Cairns Benefits of Cleaning Carpets in Cairns
Cairns Carpet Cleaning & Cairns Tile, Concrete & Vinyl Floor Cleaning & WHY WE NEED TO CLEAN OUR CARPETS IN CAIRNS

It is often cheaper to carpet a home in Cairns, when compared to the costs of materials and preparations for most hard flooring options. However, the cost of quality carpet flooring and the associated installation charges means that carpeting a Cairns home is anything but cheap. The installation of good quality carpets is an investment that must be maintained to protect and preserve this valuable asset.

Regular Cairns carpet cleaning will significantly prolong the life of the carpets in your home and preserve this valuable home and property asset. This is why most carpet manufacturer warranties require that carpets must be professionally cleaned within specific periods of time, so as not to void the warranty. Here at EcoPro Cairns Carpet Cleaning Services, we recommend that carpets are professionally cleaned every six months to both help preserve the quality of the carpets and to promote good hygiene and indoor air quality.

Having carpets in your Cairns home can dramatically improve indoor air quality by helping to control airborne dust particles, pollutants and allergens, keeping the air that you breathe healthier and decreasing the risk of dust related allergies like asthma and allergies. Carpet fibres are effective in trapping particles and allergens that can otherwise have negative health impacts. However, just like a sponge can only hold so much water, carpet can only hold so much of these pollutants. To maintain healthy indoor air quality these unhealthy particles and allergens must be removed during regular vacuuming and deep carpet cleaning. EcoPro Cairns Carpet Cleaning Services can help preserve the quality of your carpets and improve indoor air quality.

Our carpets see the worst of us, or at least some of our dirtiest household activities. We literally walk all over them in fact and most of us wear shoes that we have just walked in from the street. When we or our guests wear shoes (our pets don’t even need shoes), we inevitably walk all kinds of nasty bacteria and dirt particles into our Cairns homes. Food, drink spills and little accidents can also have significant impact on the condition of our carpets, and not just in appearance and odours issues. If household carpets are not regularly deep cleaned and sanitised to prevent the build-up of allergens and unhealthy contaminants, they can negatively affect the health of all occupants (including our pets).

Unsightly stains caused by our feet, our pizza, our kids, our pets and 101 other home activities are just a consequence of living our lives. However, we want our carpet stains to be like our house guests. Footprints may be fine at the beach, but in our homes it’s better to ‘Leave without TRACE’. If carpet stains are not REMOVED, they can become PERMANENT. EcoPro Cairns Carpet Cleaning Services can remove carpet stains with non-toxic biodegradable Australian made Eco-Friendly carpet cleaning chemicals.

Common carpet stains (and many DIY stain treatments); can leave sticky residues on carpets that attract yet more dirt and grime. This can lead to permanent damage to carpet fibres. If toxic chemical residues, like those often found in DIY carpet cleaning solutions get stuck in household carpets, our children and pets are at risk of negative health effects. These can include allergic reactions, like itching and rashes from skin contact or even breathing difficulties from breathing in chemical residues that can become airborne.

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