DIY Cairns Garage Floor Cleaning

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How to DIY Cairns Garage Floor Cleaning and how to remove spills, oil stains and contaminants from cement and concrete. Our DIY Cairns garage floor cleaning technique won’t risk water damage to the contents of your garage that can’t be removed. Our cement or concrete floor scrubbing method also won’t upset the neighbours, if there’s a chance that high pressure cleaning would spray water and cleaning chemicals into their properties.

Another problem often associated with the high-pressure cleaning of Cairns garage floors is the risk of water damage to drywall and electrical outlets. Our DIY Cairns garage floor cleaning system will not cause water damage to garage walls or electrical outlets. However, our DIY Cairns garage floor cleaning technique will remove most oil and stains, effectively deep cleaning your cement concrete garage floors.


Garage cement and concrete floors are porous. This makes most garage floors prone to dirt, grime and oil spills becoming firmly embedded in them over the years.

THE GOOD NEWS: It’s never too late to do some DIY Cairns garage floor cleaning, to even the dirtiest of garage floors to make them look like new again.

THE BAD NEWS: The longer you leave oil spills and spots on your garage or cement floors, the more likely that lasting staining or discolouration will remain. This is even with the very best of DIY Cairns garage floor cleaning efforts.

HOW TO DIY CAIRNS GARAGE FLOOR CLEANING: the most important accessory you will need is a stiff short bristle yard brush. Using a common household long, soft bristle broom will result in much more work or scrubbing for less result.

The next product you will require is a suitable chemical. If you are aiming to remove light or new oil and grease spots or if your garage needs no more than a light general cleaning, often no more than a good quality heavy duty detergent will suffice. Great results can often be obtained just using powdered laundry detergents (powdered detergents tend to have a deeper cleaning effect and better scrubbing action than that of liquid detergents).


The last essential element is water (preferably warm), so excess buckets of warm water would be better than a hose, if practical.

The first rule of DIY Cairns garage floor cleaning is to wet the garage floor, but only the area you are going to be working on. You will need to keep the floor wet or at least the section of floor you are working on wet, until you have completed the final rinsing or removing of the cleaning solution. If the floor dries before removing the cleaning solution, you risk oil and grime settling back into the cement.

Decide where you are going to start your DIY Cairns garage floor cleaning treatment and, in your mind’s,-eye divide the floor into workable sections. Working on a 100x100cm area for heavy staining or 200x200cm for lightly soiled flooring is fine. What’s important is whatever the size of floor section you are working on, is that the floor you are working on does not dry before being rinsed off. You would normally start cleaning at the furthest point inside the garage and work outwards towards the driveway.


If you are to use a bucket for your DIY Cairns garage floor cleaning treatment, put half a cup of your chosen powdered laundry detergent or follow the instructions if using a heavy-duty detergent. Now soak the area of flooring you will be working on and the NEXT section you plan to work on. Then leave to sit for a while before you get to work. If you are using a hose, then simply wet the floor and apply your detergent directly to the wet floor you will be working on. Now it’s time to get to work with your scrubbing brush. Try to scrub the floor from multiple directions. Old stains or heavy soiled floors may require you to add more detergent (and require more SCRUBBING). If necessary, add extra unmixed powdered detergent or liquid detergents (as per manufacturer’s directions), applying directly to stained floors.

Once you are happy with the results move onto the next section of floor to work on, first soaking the next section of floor to be worked on and so on.

Some cement stains, especially oil stains that have been years in the making, may require you to use strong degreasers to more effectively clean away deeper grime and emulsify old oil stains.

There are a number of Eco-Friendly degreasers available these days. Perhaps try to use a non-solvent degreaser before considering stronger chemicals. Always take notice of and follow directions and precautions for the products you are using, including the use of eye and skin protection. Some products are not recommended to run off into storm drains.

For DIY Cairns garage floor cleaning applications and any DIY home cleaning applications, we highly recommend ECO-FRIENDLY cleaning solutions and products whenever possible, to protect both human and environmental health.