DIY Tile and Grout Cleaning

DIY Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning

DIY Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning, this is our home DIY preferred method (proceed at your own risk).

1) WHAT CLEANING PRODUCTS AND CHEMICALS TO USE FOR DIY GROUT CLEANING; GUMPTION (Gumption multi-purpose cleanser), is one of the safer DIY Tile & Grout Cleaning chemical options. It’s a non-bleach and has no-harsh chemicals, making it safer for you and safer for your grout. It’s also only mildly alkaline and mildly abrasive, yet can be effective at lifting stains, grease and grime from tiles and grout lines (without risking colour fading and grout erosion). 

NOTE; All cleaning chemicals will sit somewhere on the pH scale. A solution with a pH of 7 is neutral (water is pH neutral). Neutral cleaning chemicals are often the safest and least-harshest products (however they may not-be the most effective). Neutral means the liquid or solution is neither ACIDIC or ALKALINE (pH 7). Below pH 7 the chemical is acidic in nature – 0 = Highly Acidic. Above pH 7 the chemical is alkaline in nature – 14 = Highly Alkaline. 

Cleaners will often opt for a highly alkaline or highly acidic chemical, hoping to reduce the physical-cleaning action required to obtain results. The problem with highly acidic and highly alkaline chemicals, is that they are highly CORROSIVE. They can be harsh (corrosive), on the materials being cleaned and harsh on YOU (the cleaner).
For the reasons above we NEVER recommend BLEACH or AMMONIA (both chemicals are highly alkaline, reaching 13 on the pH scale).

We also NEVER recommend VINEGAR (white and apple cider vinegars are typically around pH 2, compared to car batteries containing SULPHURIC ACID and a pH of around 0.7).

BLEACH, AMMONIA and VINEGARS can all be damaging to some materials they come into contact with, because they are all highly CORROSIVE; they can all erode and discolour tile grouts. They can ALL represent health risks to the cleaner, even VINEGAR. It’s the high acidity of vinegar that contributes to the erosion of tooth enamel; it can even cause second-degree caustic burns, causing ulcerative injury to the throat and oesophagus (leading to an increased chance of throat and oesophageal cancer).

We recommend GUMPTION (for a safer clean and a safer YOU).
You will also need a small brush (a tooth brush will do), a long handle deck brush (stiff brush) and a mop and bucket.

2) HOW TO DIY TILE & GROUT CLEANING; Work on an area of no more than 4 square meters at a time (reduces the risk of the floor drying out). Using your Mop and Bucket, wet down the area to be cleaned. Using the small brush, dip it into the tub of Gumption and brush it on your grout lines (let it sit for 10 minutes). Using your long-handled Deck Brush, scrub the grout lines (how much scrubbing is needed, will depend on the condition of your grout). Before the floor dries, rinse and clean with clean water (gumption can leave a white residue if not removed).

DIY Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning TIPS;
It’s always a good practice to TEST any materials to be cleaned (in an inconspicuous area), to be sure of no adverse cleaning results. Use suitable gloves to protect your hands while you are tile and grout cleaning.
Ventilated the room you are working on as best as you can (fans and air conditioning can help).

You might be better able to apply your cleaning paste with a small brush (toothbrush), but, when you are ready to scrub use a long-handled stiff brush (no-one deserves to be on their hands and knees).

Once it’s finally CLEAN, get it SEALED. 
NOW; Call EcoPro Cairns Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning Services to SEAL YOUR TILE AND GROUT (or if you are not happy with your results).
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WHY SEAL TILE GROUTS; Tile grout is basically a very porous mixture of sand and cement. Because it’s POROUS, it is important that it is SEALED. Unsealed grout is very absorbent and will readily absorb liquids, spills, grease, oils and soiling. Unsealed grout easily stains and becomes a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, mildew and mould.
Sealing your tile grout will prevent further soiling, staining and discoloration. It’s a great idea to seal grout after effective cleaning (stain removal). Sealed grout is water resistant, so it repels moisture and soiling. Sealing your tile grouts will not only ensure your floors look CLEAN, it will also protect YOU and your GROUT from the wear-and-tear of excessive cleaning and scrubbing, prolonging the life of your tiled surfaces (it’s much easier to clean sealed grout). Sealed grout not only LOOKS better, it lasts longer than unsealed grout.

If you find that you are not happy with your results and your grout is still stained and uneven, it may be time to call in the professionals. EcoPro Cairns Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning Service is ready to serve you. 
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DIY Tile and Grout Cleaning

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